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Most customers who approach us aren’t even sure which category of young driver insurance they fit into. That’s where we can help. We will assess each individual’s situation and then tailor the correct insurance product to their needs. You’re never left to simply choose from a long list of options without knowing what you’re truly buying!

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“I’ve been using MyFirst since I bought my first car. I’m really grateful I came across these guys who are just incredible. They answered all my questions and gave me a really good quote on my car insurance!”

Car insurance for young drivers

Whether you are learning to drive or have just passed your test, it is exciting to get behind the wheel and enjoy the independence that driving can bring. While being in the driver’s seat is fun and offers many practical benefits, new drivers often suffer from the high costs involved. Car insurance for young drivers is usually very expensive. However, at MyFirst, we want to make car insurance for young drivers more affordable and accessible with the right level of cover and protection that you need.

As new and young drivers have less experience on the roads, statistics show that young drivers are more likely to have an accident when driving. As a result, car insurance providers often charge a premium for young drivers to cover the risk. MyFirst specialises in car insurance for young drivers. We know the best tips and tricks to help lower your premiums. We work hard to understand your needs so that we can help to find you the best deal whether you have just got your first car or are still learning.

What insurance do I need?

It is a legal requirement for all drivers to have some level of car insurance in the UK. If you are learning to drive solely with a driving instructor, then you do not need car insurance. However, if you want extra practice outside of your lessons, then you will need learner insurance to practice in a friend’s or relative’s car.

If you have passed your test, then you will undoubtedly need insurance to make the most of the freedom and opportunities that driving can bring.

There are three main types of insurance available to all drivers;

Third Party – This type of insurance will only cover you with damage caused to other people (thirdparties), their car and property. It will not cover damage to your vehicle.

Third Party, Fire and Theft – As well as covering damage caused to other people, this type of insurance will also have protection if your vehicle is stolen or lost because of fire.

Fully Comprehensive – As the name suggests, fully comprehensive insurance will cover all aspects listed above as well as offering protection against the damage to your own vehicle.

The expert advisors at MyFirst will thoroughly discuss your needs and situation in order to find the right insurance for you.

To get you as much experience of driving as possible, learner insurance is an excellent, flexible insurance option. Learner insurance is typically short-term insurance that will cover you for the time it takes until you pass your test. It is flexible to allow you to gather as much experience behind the wheel as possible, whether that is in your own car or the car of a friend, parent or relative.

For those with a provisional driving licence, learner insurance is ideal for helping you prepare for your test with extra driving experience outside of formal lessons with a driving instructor. For learner insurance to be valid, the learner driver must usually be accompanied by someone over the age of 21 that possesses a full UK driving licence that is valid for over three years.

It is essential to be aware that different learner insurance providers will have their own stipulations on who must accompany you as well as the time of day you are allowed to practice on the roads. At MyFirstUK, we make sure to check your requirements carefully. As well as this, we can find cheaper alternatives for those who can be more flexible with their needs in order to get the best deal.

At MyFirst, we don’t think its fair that car insurance for young drivers is so expensive. We also don’t like the fact that you have to pay twice with both learner insurance and then car insurance once you have passed your test. This is why we offer an exciting hybrid learner insurance to help save you money and keep you protected when your learning and when you pass.

How it works Our expert advisors will create a quote for learner insurance when you have a provisional licence. We then make sure this insurance covers you while you are learning and when you pass your test. This exciting car insurance for young drivers helps you to save money by only paying once rather than twice for both sets of insurance.

We don’t want you to have to pay twice for learner insurance and then newly-passed insurance. However, this hybrid learner insurance is very rare. In fact, MyFirst is one of the very few that offer this money-saving solution to help young drivers get an affordable annual policy when they are learning and when they pass their test.

Want to find out more about our hybrid learner insurance? Click here for your free quote.

Car insurance

Our focus is to find quality car insurance for young drivers at an affordable price. We can help you find the best insurance to suit your needs for;

We know it isn’t always easy to find car insurance for young drivers at an affordable price. We work hard to find cheap car insurance policies that give the best coverage for all young and new drivers, whether they are learning or have passed their test.

Car Insurance 2022
Van Insurance 2022

Van insurance (25+)

For those over the age of 25, we offer cheap van insurance. Our policies can help those looking for insurance for their own van, or to be insured on a company van at a competitive price. You may even receive an incredible 25% discount on your policy by utilising our Dash Cam product.

Hybrid Learner insurance

At MyFirstUK, we don’t think its fair that car insurance for young drivers is so expensive. We also don’t like the fact that you have to pay twice with both learner insurance and then car insurance once you have passed your test.

This is why we offer an exciting hybrid learner insurance to help save you money and keep you protected when your learning and when you pass.


Young driver insurance

When it comes to finding car insurance for young drivers, many people aren’t sure how to find the best deal. Many people don’t know if they fall into the category of young driver, new driver, student driver or learner driver. At MyFirst we want to make it as easy as possible for all new and young drivers to find the best possible deal on their car and van insurance.

We know that young driver insurance can be very expensive. We also know that it is not always easy to understand which category you fit into. This is why our expert advisors are on hand to help through live chat, social media, email and phone. By understanding a bit more about your individual circumstances, we can help to ensure you get the cheapest premiums for young driver insurance.

We take all of the hard work away to give you the best deals available. We focus not only on price but also the benefits and cover options included to ensure you have the right policy for your needs. Our friendly advisors can give you the knowledge you need with completely balanced advice so that you can make an informed choice. With no pressure, our advisors are here to help and save you time by finding the best policies on your behalf.

Finding the best deal is difficult.

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Why choose MyFirst for car insurance for young drivers?

We focus on finding the best deals for young driver insurance, student and learner insurance as well as policies for those who have just passed their tests. By concentrating on this section of the market, we can hunt out the best deals for our customers.

Service that suits
Available on live chat, email, social media and the phone, you can get in touch with our expert advisors in the best way for you. We don’t use robots; you’ll have friendly, personalised service from an unbiased advisor that you can trust.

Flexible payment options
We know buying an annual car insurance policy in one go doesn’t suit everyone. We offer a range of flexible payment options from an initial deposit to low monthly fees. In fact, MyFirst is well known for offering some of the lowest deposits on the market. Whatever your financial position, we will try to work out a payment scheme that works for you.

Money-saving objectives
We believe that young drivers get unfairly penalised with high premiums for car insurance for young drivers. Our advisors will help you to find the cheapest car insurance policies that save you the most money. We’ll offer our expert advice on the best cars, mileage and insurance policies to suit you. We can also advise on money-saving systems such as our Dash Cam insurance.

Comparing deal after deal and insurer after insurer is time-consuming and complicated. Each insurer will word their policy differently, which can make it hard to work out what you get for your money. Some insurers will put time restrictions on insurance for young drivers while others will require strict stipulations for named drivers on your policy. We save you the time of trawling through every policy. We’ll select the best plans based on your needs and talk you through all of the benefits, stipulations and requirements so you can make an informed decision quickly and simply.

Ready to save on your car insurance? Just get in touch to find out more.

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Car Insurance

For young drivers While insurers charge a premium to the young drivers because of the risk of claims, there are ways to lower the price of your policy. At MyFirstUK, we work with you to help work out the best ways to reduce the cost of your insurance. We help you to consider the right type of car, the amount of excess you need as well as the estimated mileage you intend to do. We can also offer money-saving tips and solutions such as Dash Cam insurance which can save you up to 30% as a young driver.

Van Insurance for over 25’s

When your van is vital for your work or business, then having the right level of cover for van insurance becomes essential. As a van is typically used for business purposes, it can vary drastically from regular car insurance. Whether you use a van for business or personal use, our expert advisors can help you to choose from arrange of cover options to give you the level of protection that you need.

From social use to transporting cargo to protecting personal equipment or work tools, we can make sure to find the cheapest policies which provide you with the level of cover that you need. We will also help to make your van insurance quote even cheaper by discussing key aspects such as the location and average mileage as well as the value of the van and the habits of the drivers.

We work hard to find you the right level of cover for your van insurance at the best possible price. Furthermore, we can help you to save even more money if you use our associated Dash Cam products which may provide a 25% discount on your premiums.

Get Covered with Learner Driver Insurance!

Unlock your road to freedom with our flexible Learner Driver Insurance. Whether you’re practicing in a parent’s car or your own, our policies cater to your needs without breaking the bank. Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Flexible Coverage: Choose from short-term or annual policies. Start with as little as a few weeks or extend up to several months.
  • Seamless Transition: Continue your journey with us after passing your test with no extra fees, and start building your no-claims bonus right away.
  • Tailored for Learners: Our insurance is specifically designed for learner drivers, providing comprehensive coverage without affecting the car owner’s policy.

Don’t wait to get behind the wheel safely. Get a personalised quote today and take the first step towards your driving independence!