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Searching For Car Insurance For First Time Drivers?

There’s never been a more expensive time to be a first-time driver. While the number of drivers aged over 90 has topped 1 million for the first time, the number of young drivers has fallen significantly, something which has been attributed to the price of insurance and the rising cost of tuition fees.

If you do manage to pass your practical tests when you’re under 21, well done- with the pass rate less than 50% in the UK, it’s an amazing achievement.

When looking for car insurance for first-time drivers, look towards My First UK for the most competitive policy possible.

We can offer all the advice you need on getting the cheapest policy, including Black Box insurance, whether to pay monthly or annually, and whether it’s worth getting additional qualifications.

Working with the UK’s leading insurance providers, My First UK can give you access to whole host of policies, while taking the time to understand your unique needs.

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