A Guide To Car Insurance For Previously Disqualified Drivers

If you have a conviction behind you, whether driving or criminal, finding car insurance may become extremely difficult and in some cases, impossible. Therefore, with this in mind, we have come up with a guide to obtaining car insurance if you have been disqualified or convicted. MyfirstUK offers competitive car insurance quotes for drivers previously […]

Your Guide to Cancelled Car Insurance

 If you have had your car insurance policy cancelled, you will no doubt be struggling to obtain another policy. Even if you believe it wasn’t your fault your policy was cancelled you will still be left struggling to re-insure your vehicle. Even if you do manage to find a company willing to offer cover, they […]

Learner Driver Insurance In Own Car

For all learner drivers embarking on driving for the first time, the goal is to get behind the wheel without those L plates and to swap the green driving licence for the pink one. So what is the best way to speed up learning to drive? Getting as much experience behind the wheel as possible. […]

6 Reasons Why You Need Temporary Learner Insurance

Learning to drive is often a stressful time, with hours of lessons leading up to a nerve-wracking test. Temporary learner insurance is an easy way of getting in some extra practice before your driving test, without splashing out on more expensive driving lessons. Whether you have got your own car, or a family member or […]

What’s The Best Car Insurance For 17 Years Olds?

young driver car insurance

Passing your driving test is a huge achievement, and for many 17-year-olds, it is a symbol of freedom and taking those first steps into adulthood. There is little better than the feeling of getting behind the wheel of your very first car, but before you can take it out for a spin, you need to […]

How To Find Cheap Van Insurance

van insurance

If you own a van, then it is a legal requirement to obtain van insurance for your vehicle. There are no two ways about it. Van insurance differs significantly from car insurance. For a start, the risks between driving a car and a van are different. What’s more, vans are often likely to be used […]

Van Insurance For Young Drivers – A Comprehensive Guide

van insurance

Regardless of the vehicle they want to drive; young drivers suffer from high vehicle insurance premiums. Young drivers who are looking for car insurance will find their premiums are much higher than those aged 25 and above. However, for young drivers looking for van insurance, the premiums are usually higher. Furthermore, it can be harder […]

Learner Car Insurance – What You Need To Know

learner driver insurance

Learning to drive can be incredibly exciting and stressful. While lessons may be expensive, getting your licence will give you the freedom and flexibility which can help you invaluably in the future whether it is for work, leisure or family life. That said, the freedom that driving gives you can cost a lot initially. As […]

How To Find Cheap Car Insurance For First Time Drivers

first time driver insurance

Young drivers and first-time drivers are known for getting a bad deal when it comes to car insurance. Learning to drive is incredibly expensive, and the costs associated with learning to drive have risen 18% since 2010. For drivers under the age of 25, they pay an average of £1,635 a year for car insurance […]