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Save Money With Our Hybrid Policy

MyFirst is excited to offer a new hybrid policy that can cover you while you are learning and when you pass your test. Many young drivers struggle with the expense of paying for learner driver insurance and then paying again for newly-passed cover. Our hybrid policy means that you don’t have to pay a penny more when you pass your test. This money-saving solution means you can put your hard-earned cash to better use.

Our hybrid annual policy gives you to the coverage you need, without paying twice. What’s more, with the hybrid policy, you can start to build up your no claims so that you can reach your no claims discount as quickly as possible.

Our Hybrid Policy

Receive a quote on your provisional licence

Call for a quote for learner driver insurance, and we’ll find the best policy or your needs.

Learn and Pass

Learn to drive with the peace of mind of insurance and work towards passing your test.

Keep the same policy

Once you pass, the hybrid policy will cover you as a newly passed driver, without paying any extra and start building your no claims.

Short Term

Short-term coverage is a flexible insurance option that can cover you for a few weeks to a few months. This gives you a chance to practise as much as you can with cost-effective insurance that only covers the time you need.

Own Car

Owning your own car while learning to drive offers lots of advantages, especially, when it comes to driving practice. However, insurance can be expensive for learners with their own car; MyFirst can help to navigate the best deal for you.

Parents Car

Borrowing your parents and their car for extra driving practice can give the experience to help you pass your test faster. Learning with your parents help you to learn quickly, saving money on lessons. It can be a great way to get cost-effective insurance too.

Car insurance for 17 year olds

Learning or passing your test when you are only 17 may mean you struggle to find cheap car insurance to keep you on the road. MyFirst will help you to find the best cover at the best possible price so you can enjoy the freedom of driving.

Why choose MyFirst for Learner Driver Insurance?

Learner driver insurance and young driver insurance experts
We will work hard to find you the best deal for your needs
Balanced advice from reviewing over 100 different providers
Personalised service with a tailored approach
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Learner Driver Insurance With MyFirst

Learning to drive is an exciting and liberating experience, but it can also be stressful and painfully expensive. The costs of learning to drive can quickly mount, from lessons, paying for tests, saving for your own car and insurance coverage while you are learning. At MyFirst, we want to help reduce the cost of learner driver insurance by understanding your requirements to find you the most competitive deal. We know that the cheapest deal isn’t always the best deal, so we will work hard to determine individual requirements to help new learners and drivers as much as possible. Grab yourself a saving by checking out this article from New Driver Programme!

Learner driver insurances is an insurance product that is specifically designed to suit the requirements of young and learner drivers. In most cases, learner driver insurance will only cover you when you have a provisional driving licence. When you pass your test, then you will need to change insurance option, unless you opt for our new hybrid insurance option.

Typically, learner driver insurance will comprehensively cover learner drivers when driving someone else’s car. However, there is a range of options on the market to suit your specific needs. Usually, learner driver insurance will allow anyone to take you out for driving practice as long as they are over 25-years-old and have held a UK driving licence for more than three years.

With so many risks associated with learning to drive, it is no surprise that insurers place a premium on learner driver insurance. However, not every learner will need learner driver insurance. If you are learning only with a professional driving school or instructor, then you are likely to be covered by their insurance. It’s important to check your coverage on their insurance before you drive.

However, lessons can be very expensive and practice with friends and family in between lessons can help to speed up the process of learning to drive so you can pass your test faster. If you do choose to practice with friends and family alongside professional lessons, then you will need learner driver insurance.

Currently, the DVSA recommends that most learners will need 45 hours of professional driving tuition alongside 22 hours of private practice to be able to pass their test. However, every learner is different. The more training you have, outside of lessons, the more experience you will gain which may help you to pass your test faster. This could save you a lot of money in driving lessons.

Insurance is a legal requirement, and if you learn with family and friends, then you’ll need to make sure you have appropriate insurance in place. If you drive without insurance, then you could face a fine. Furthermore, you could also receive penalty points on your licence before you even have it. Fortunately, there are lots of options available for learners and young drivers.

At MyFirst, we offer a range of options including short-term, annual, parents’ car insurance as well as our exciting hybrid option. Our hybrid option is a new innovative insurance option that covers you while you are learning and when you pass your test, so you don’t have to pay twice for insurance.

Practice – Having learner driving insurance will allow you to practice outside of driving lessons Experience – The more experience on the road you have, the more confidence you will build Comprehensive – Many insurance options will include theft of vehicle and belongings as well as protection in an accident No Claims – Options can consist of building up your no claims bonus straightaway while protecting the no claims bonus of others if you have an accident in their car Flexible – There is a range of different learner driver insurance options so that you can find the best option for you.

How Can I Find Cheap Young Driver Insurance?

Comprehensive cover

Ensures you are protected, whether for your own car or if practicing in a parent’s or friend’s.

Flexible period of cover

Arrange cover for 28 days or 12 months – its up to you! And when you pass, get new driver cover.

10% student discount

Some policies offer student discount, or a discount on new driver cover once you have passed your test.

No Claims Bonus protection

If you are learning in your parent’s or friend’s car, you won’t affect their no-claims in the event of an accident.

Instant Cover

Call us today and we’ll search out the best policy for you. We can have you protected same day.

Competitive Prices

We only ‘do’ insurance for new drivers. We have great relationships with leading providers and can get attractive prices for you.

Finding the best deal is difficult.

Give us a call today and we’ll help!

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