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Learning to drive in your own car

Learner Driver Insurance

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I’m learning in my own car – here’s what you need to know

So, you have decided you want to learn how to drive and you have your own car in which to do so. That’s only the start, now you need to give some thought to car insurance, more specifically, learner car insurance. Well, read on to find out all you need to know.

One thing for certain, you cannot drive legally, or learn to drive for that matter, on the roads in the UK without some type of car insurance. There are different levels of car insurance, namely, third party only, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive.

If you are learning to drive, you will want to consider a specific policy aimed at learners. Learner car insurance is a specific type that provides all the protection legally required while learning to drive in your own car or that of a friend or family member.


I’m learning to drive in my own car – is there a specific type of cover?

Generally, when learning to drive you need car insurance that provides protection while you have a provisional driving licence. Once you pass your test, you have to change policies.

However, with MyFirst you can get what we call hybrid insurance. The policy will provide all the cover you need when you are learning to drive in your own vehicle and when you have passed your test. The hybrid policy continues on which means you do not have to mess around obtaining a different policy.

It also means the quote you are given for annual insurance is what you pay. If you were to pass your test after six months of lessons, the insurance continues, you don’t have to pay out for a different policy.

When learning to drive you will have a course of professional driving lessons. However, driving lessons don’t come cheap by any means, so you might want to get in some extra practice and more time on the road with a friend or relative. This is an excellent way of gaining more experience, without cost.

Another benefit of taking out hybrid learner insurance is you can build up the no claims bonus, to reach your no claims discount, as soon as possible.


More benefits of learning to drive in your own car with hybrid insurance

There are numerous benefits to learning to drive in your own car with hybrid insurance, including:

You will feel more at ease in your own vehicle;

You are free to practice at any time to suit you;

You gain more experience which leads to more confidence;

You can get practice in different weather conditions and day/night;

You begin to build up no claims straight away;

One policy covers you while learning and once you have passed your test.


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