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Young Driver Insurance

After the excitement of passing your test, the last thing you want to worry about is paying for car insurance. MyFirst will try and find the most cost-effective insurance so that you can save money and start building up your no claims discount as soon as possible.

New Driver Insurance

Just passed your test? You should be celebrating, not worrying that you can’t afford to enjoy your newly found freedom. Switching your learner driver insurance to new driver insurance is a necessity, and at MyFirst we’ll work on finding you the best deal.

Non-Restrictive Insurance

Get the policy price you deserve with telematics insurance. Your driving style will determine your premiums rather than being stereotyped. What’s more, it also helps you to drive safely too, so you can conquer the roads without fear.

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“I’ve been using MyFirst since I bought my first car. I’m really grateful I came across these guys who are just incredible. They answered all my questions and gave me a really good quote on my car insurance!”

Why choose MyFirst for New Driver Insurance?

No curfews or night-time driving restrictions

Build up no claims instantly

Most affordable new driver insurance premiums available

Full support and explanation with no jargon

Dedicated account manager and policy updates

No performance related schemes, you receive the best price from the start

No mid-term fines for accelerating, braking or cornering.

Hybrid policies allow you to get a quote on your provisional licence, and pay nothing extra when you pass your test

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When you first pass your driving test, there is nothing more liberating that getting rid of the ‘L’ plates and enjoy the freedom of the open road. However, this freedom usually ends abruptly when you start searching for new driver insurance. At MyFirst, we want to help make sure you can enjoy driving without extortionate insurance premiums.

MyFirst focuses solely on car insurance for young drivers; whether they are still learning or have passed their tests. We work with a range of insurance providers to find the best deals for new driver insurance, so you can enjoy driving without feeling like you have been priced off the road. We work hard to keep insurances prices for new drivers down. We have a range of cost-saving solutions such as black box insurance and hybrid insurance policies.

Cheap New Driver Insurance

The cost for new driver insurance can be staggering. After all, insurers base their premiums on risk and as 70% for fully comprehensive insurance claims are from people aged 18 – 21 years old, you can see why they are priced accordingly. Added to this is that one in five new drivers is involved in a crash within the first 12 months of passing their driving test. With less experience, insurance providers will typically up their premiums considerably. However, at MyFirst, we don’t think it is right to stereotype drivers. After all, each driver is different. We offer a range of smart telematics insurance as an option for new driver policies. With MyFirst you can get the policy that you actually deserve, not just what your age range deserves.

Is Black Box Insurance Right For Me?

  • Uses your driving style to assess your premiums
  • No stereotyping
  • Records all driving activity
  • No night-time curfews
  • 60% of drivers think black boxes make them a safer driver
  • Dedicated account manager and dashboard to see how you are doing.

Black box insurance can save drivers around 25% in insurance premiums. It works by basing the cost of your premiums on your driving style. The black box will record aspects such as making sure speed limits are adhered to and monitoring your habits such as braking and cornering. However, you don’t need to worry; the black box understands that sudden braking may be necessary and will not impose a fine. Instead, it works to build up a picture of your driving habits and style and will price your premiums accordingly.

Do I Need New Driver Car Insurance?

For new drivers, car insurance is not something that can be avoided. If you are caught driving without insurance you could face a fine, court prosecution; your car may even be seized and destroyed.
It is also important to have the right insurance as driving on the wrong policy could invalidate your claim.

For example, you should never ask a parent or other person to ‘front’ your policy for a cheaper deal. You also need to remember to purchase new driver insurance when you pass your driving test. If you continue to drive on your learner car insurance, then you may invalidate your policy, and your insurer may not pay out if you make a claim.

One way to make sure you are always covered while you are learning and when you are a new driver is with MyFirst’s hybrid policy. You can chat to out helpful agents on web chat or by calling the team to find out moresmart telematics insurance

How Can I Benefit From Cheaper New Driver Insurance?

Paying Anually

Insurance if usually cheaper if you pay for a year in advance. However, MyFirst offers super-flexible finance options, complete with low deposits too.

Book your Qualifications

An advanced driving course such as PassPlus can help to prove your experience and lower your premiums.

Increase your Excess

If you can afford to increase the excess that you pay in the event of a claim, your overall premium may be lower.

Consider your Mileage

Carefully think about how many miles you plan to drive; your premiums may lower if you reduce your annual mileage.

Add named Drivers

Having experienced drivers on your policy can help to lower your insurance policy, if they may also drive your car.

Choose black box

Black box or telematics insurance is one of the cost-effective options for new driver insurance.

Ensure Security

Parking in safe places such as a driveway and adding additional security measures can lower your quote.

Buy Online

You can save considerably by purchasing new driver insurance online through young driver specialists, MyFirst.

No Claims Bonus

Look for policies that allow you to build no claims bonuses straightaway for cheaper premiums in the future.

Finding the best deal is difficult.

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