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Student Driver Car Insurance

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Leaving your car at home

If you want to save money on fuel and insurance costs and don’t need your car, then leaving it at home could save you money. Remember, you still need insurance or a SORN, if you take this option.

Take Your Car To Uni

Make the most of the convenience of having a car by taking your vehicle to university. Typically, student driver insurance is expensive. However, MyFirst will be on hand to find you the best student car insurance deal.

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Cheap Student Car Insurance

A student life is never cheap. Tuition fees, accommodation costs and living expenses all quickly add up to eye-watering amounts. The last thing you want to add to your budget is car insurance. However, when you have invested time and money into learning to drive, it would be a shame to miss out on the freedom of driving your car. After all, as a student, a car gives you greater convenience, practicality and more opportunities for your adventures during your student days. To help you save as much money as possible as a student, MyFirst offers specialist car insurance for students. We search for the best deals to save you money but also save you time too. You can search for a quote online or chat with our helpful advisors via web chat or on the phone.

Why Do I Need Student Car Insurance?

If you have a car and use it, then your vehicle needs to be insured. Even if you leave your car at home when you go to college or university, your vehicle will still require insurance or, if it is not in use, it will need a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN). It is important that you always have insurance or a SORN in place so that you can comply with the Continuous Insurance Enforcement legislation. Failure to do so is an offence and may lead to a fine.

Save Money With Car Insurance For Students

Many students fall into the 17-25-year-old age category which is a high risk age range for insurers. This is due to the increased risk for accident and claims at this age. To add to this, universities are usually located in cities which can further increase car insurance premiums’

Black Box Car Insurance For Students

One of the best ways to save money on student car insurance is with telematics insurance. Black box insurance or telematics insurance works by installing a small device in your car. This device will then monitor your driving habits. It will record the typical times that you use your car, your adherence to the speed limits as well as your driving style when it comes to braking, acceleration and cornering.
The safer you drive, the more your premiums can be lowered. Telematics insurance is a great way to receive a policy based on you as an individual, rather than just your age range. Furthermore, telematics insurance doesn’t impose any night-time restrictions for driving. However, if you typically drive at the times that are considered risky, such as midnight to 6am, then you may see an increase in premiums. However, if you typically drive at safer times during the day, then you may be able to save much-needed funds through cheaper car insurance.

MyFirst will also offer the best price at the beginning of the policy, so you don’t have to worry about performance-related schemes or midterm fines for excessive braking or acceleration, for example. What’s more, the MyFirst team know students are super-busy. With a telematics policy, you will receive a dedicated account manager who will keep you up to date on your driving dashboard and the progress of your policy, so you don’t have to worry.

How Do I Get The Best Student Driver Insurance?

Tailored Cover

To save you money, we will tailor policies to suit your lifestyle and needs, whether you’re leaving your car at home or taking it to university.

Reduce your Mileage

Reducing your annual mileage can help reduce insurance premiums.

Check for Offers

Student discount can apply to car insurance too. Don’t forget to ask for any ongoing student offers.

No Claims Bonus

Keep building your no claims history through university to lower your premiums in the future.

Value for Money

MyFirst will compare the market for you and look for the best value deals to suit your needs.

Improve your driving

Paying upfront for a full year is often cheaper than instalments. However, we offer flexible payment option with low deposits too.

Type of car

The type of car you choose will dictate the cost of premiums, small and practical will be cheaper than sporty and powerful.

Add named drivers

Adding named drivers with plenty of driving insurance can help lower your premium.

Black box insurance

Pay a premium based on your own driving style and habits rather than that of your peers.

Consider parking spaces

Parking your car in a safe place such as a well-lit neighbourhood, or a driveway can save you money.

No Modifications

Pimping your car can add to the premiums, avoiding modifications can help to keep costs low.

Increase The Excess

If you can afford to pay more in the event of a claim, then it may reduce your overall premiums.

Add security measures

Anti-theft devices can all help to keep your car safe from thieves and lower your insurance premiums.

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