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The clocks have gone back an hour!  

The winter season is nearly upon us, and as we all get used to the shorter, darker days, it’s important to change how you drive, as we see a spike of accidents at this time of year. The sun sets lower and earlier, roads get more slippery and driving can become hazardous.


 Here are some essential winter safety tips to keep in mind:  


1. Clear and Defrost Your Windows:  

Before hitting the road, make sure your windows are clear and properly defrosted for better visibility.

2. Check Your Lights:  

Ensure all your lights are working; it’s vital for you to see others and for them to see you.

3. Check Your Tyres and Brakes: 

Regularly check your tyres, and if you’re worried about your brakes have them checked by a professional.

4. Drive Cautiously on Slippery Roads:  

Be really careful on slippery roads, and always allow extra time for your journeys.

5. Be Mindful at Junctions:  

Take your time, especially at junctions, as judging the speed of other traffic can be harder in these conditions.

6. Stay Alert:  

Keep an eye out for motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians, who can be harder to spot in the dark.

7. Monitor Your Driving Score:  

Check your driving score in your app/dashboard, especially your speed scores, to make sure you’re driving as safe as possible.


If you have a Theo device… 

The darker days also mean that your solar powered Theo device might need some help. You can keep an eye on the status of Theo’s battery on your app.  From your app’s dashboard screen just click on the person icon (in the top left-hand side) to see if your Theo needs charging. Please DON’T try to try to take it off the windscreen – we’d hate for you to have to buy a new cradle. We’ll remind you if you need to top up the battery too!

Stay safe this winter and drive carefully,  

MyFirst Driving Team