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Car insurance for young drivers

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Cheaper insurance for young drivers

Don’t let high premiums inhibit your freedom. MyFirst can help you find cheap insurance for young drivers through a range of different insurance options. Talk to us about the best methods for your needs.

Car insurance for young people

We do insurance for both boys and girls to get the best price possible. While this may seem unfair, MyFirst will shop around for you to find the best deal and cheapest premiums regardless of your gender.

Car insurance for under 25s

Young drivers pose a higher risk on the roads which is why insurance can be expensive. Smart telematics devices help you to show your good driving habits which can help reduce your insurance premium at renewal

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Cheap young driver insurance with MyFirst

For many young drivers, enjoying the freedom of the open road and the liberating feeling after passing your test is cut short when you discover how expensive car insurance can be. For those who have just passed their driving test and those under 25-years-old, car insurance premiums are high. As car insurance is a legal requirement, young drivers need to do all they can to reduce their premiums. Aspects such as choosing a sensible, low insurance group car, installing a smart telematics device to monitor driving habits and taking further driving courses can all help to reduce premiums for cheap insurance for young drivers. At MyFirst, we will search high and low to bring you the best deals and offer all the help we can to help reduce your premiums and make enjoying the freedom of the open road much more affordable.

On average, young drivers will have to spend over £1,000 on car insurance. This is because young drivers are considered to have less experience and those between 18 and 24 years old are considered riskier on the roads. This is further evidenced as around 19% of young people have claimed on their insurance within the first couple of years of driving. At MyFirst, we want you to be able to enjoy all the benefits that driving can bring. This is why our team of experienced insurance advisors will scour the market to bring you the best deals. We only work with insurers who are pre-approved for their young driver insurance benefits.

With our expertise and our trusted insurance providers, we can find the cheapest deals with the best coverage so that owning a car is much more affordable and enjoyable. When choosing car insurance for young drivers, there are three main options to consider;

Third Party – This is the minimum level of cover you need by law. This coverage will only pay out if you cause damage to other people’s property or need to pay compensation or injury-related costs to other people. Third party insurance does not cover you as the driver; it also won’t cover repairs or the replacement of your vehicle. Despite having the lowest coverage, third-party insurance is typically the most expensive as the drivers that usually choose this policy are 18% more likely to crash.

Third Party Fire And Theft – This includes all the coverage received with ‘third party’ with the additional of theft or damage by fire’ This type of insurance can be ideal for those with a cheaper vehicle. Likewise to third party insurance, this type of policy is usually quite uncompetitive

Fully Comprehensive –This is the highest level of cover available; it covers damage to third party vehicles, as well as damage to your own vehicle. This includes damage caused by accidents, fire and theft.  Fully comprehensive insurance used to be the most expensive. However, younger drivers then started to opt for third party and third party fire and theft insurance to get a cheaper deal. As the risk in these categories increased, so did the premiums. Now, fully comprehensive is often the cheapest insurance option available.

At MyFirst, we can check through all of the insurance options to find the cheapest insurance for young drivers. As each insurer is different, we will review the terms carefully to ensure you are making the right choice for you and your vehicle

How Can I Find Cheap Young Driver Insurance?

Choose the right car!

It is worth checking the insurance rating for different vehicles before you buy. Choosing a car in the lowest insurance band could save you a significant sum on your premiums and work out as a better deal in the long run.

Add an experienced driver

If you are the main driver, you need to state this on your insurance, but adding an older and experienced named driver to your policy can lower your premiums. Don’t use the driver to ‘front’ your policy; it could invalidate your insurance.

Improve security

Insurers may lower your premiums if you improve security for your car such as parking in a safe place, in a good area or location and implementing a high spec alarm to ward off thieves. Using car safety devices can also help too.


Choose the right car!

You may find policy prices surprise you, choosing insurance with the most cover such as fully comprehensive, may well be the cheapest on the market. Ask MyFirst to compare different cover options to find you the best deal.

Avoid car modifications

Making your car more luxurious and powerful may seem like a good idea, but these modifications are likely to hike up your premiums. For cheap insurance for young drivers, stick to production-only models.

Improve your driving

Obtaining extra driving skills and experience with advanced driver qualifications can lower your premiums as insurers will see that you are a lesser risk. Taking time and tests to prove your safe driving skills will help you feel more confident on the road and may lower your premiums too.

Consider night curfews

Some insurers will make their policies cheaper by imposing night curfews. For example, some insurers may ask that you do not drive between 11 pm and 6 am as this is the time when the most serious accidents occur. Check your policy carefully to see if you have a curfew as driving during curfew could invalidate your insurance.

Increase your excess

If you have some cash saved up, it may be worthwhile increasing your voluntary excess on your insurance. This means that you will have to pay for repairs and replacements up to a certain amount. By increasing your excess, it can lower your overall premiums.

Black box insurance

Many insurers now offer black box insurance to young drivers. This is considered a much fairer way to determine premium costs and could save you a lot of money. Ask MyFirst about the best black box insurance policies that analyse your driving style rather than your demographic.

Helping You To Find Cheap Insurance For Young Drivers

Whatever car insurance type you are looking for, MyFirst can help. We specialise in finding young and learner drivers the cheapest deals on the market. From using satellite technology and apps to monitor your driving style to limiting the hours you drive, we can uncover a range of money-saving solutions to bring you the best deal on car insurance for young drivers.

What’s more, we even offer a range of exclusive finance schemes to suit every budget. Whether you want to cut costs by paying for an annual policy upfront or would prefer smaller, manageable monthly payments, we can help with your quest.

Finding the best deal is difficult.

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