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6 Reasons Why You Need Temporary Learner Insurance

Learning to drive is often a stressful time, with hours of lessons leading up to a nerve-wracking test. Temporary learner insurance is an easy way of getting in some extra practice before your driving test, without splashing out on more expensive driving lessons. Whether you have got your own car, or a family member or friend is willing to let you use their vehicle, getting temporary learner insurance before you pass your test is often worthwhile.

What Is Temporary Learner Insurance?

When you have a provisional driving licence and are practising for your driving test, you can get temporary learner insurance in order to help you gain valuable on the road experience. It is possible to get yourself added onto a family member or friends existing policy; however, it can be very expensive because of your lack of driving experience.

As well as the cost, adding yourself to someone else’s policy would put their No Claims Bonus at risk if you did have an accident. Temporary Learner Insurance can be used instead to give yourself your own separate policy that won’t have any impact on their existing insurance. Temporary Learner Insurance can usually be taken out for anywhere between seven days to 12 months and will end either at the end of the term or when you pass your test.

Why You Need Temporary Learner Insurance?

Temporary Learner Insurance has a wealth of benefits that make it an excellent choice for many driving students. Here are our top six reasons why you need Temporary Learner Insurance:

1.       Save Money

Learning to drive is an expensive task, with the cost of driving lessons always on the rise. While you might think paying out for insurance as a learner might just add to that cost, it can actually save you a lot on driving lessons. When you have the freedom to drive your own car, outside of your driving instructors time, you will gain a lot more valuable experience in a shorter amount of time.

As long as you have someone willing to come with you while you practice, you can spend hours out on the road getting real-life driving experience without paying for pricey lessons.

As well as saving money on driving lessons, temporary learner insurance is also often a cheaper option than adding yourself to an existing drivers’ policy. Temporary learner insurance is designed for learners specifically, so the premiums are usually lower than through other insurance policies.

2.      Protect Your Vehicle

When you choose to add yourself onto an existing insurance policy, it is common for the insurance company to only offer third party cover for learners. Temporary learner insurance can be fully comprehensive, so you can relax knowing that your vehicle is completely covered should an accident occur.

3.      Freedom To Practice

Learning to drive is time-consuming, and most learners are limited to the time that their driving instructor can give them, and the number of lessons they can afford. By choosing temporary learner insurance, you can give yourself the freedom to practice whenever suits you.

 As long as you have a qualified driver to come with you, you can drive as much as you please to get yourself test ready. Not only will your driving skills improve with practice, but your confidence on the road will increase, which is fundamental for passing your driving test.

4.      Protecting No Claims Bonus

It is never possible to guarantee an accident-free drive, but by choosing temporary learner insurance over being a named driver, you can ensure your loved ones’ no claims bonus isn’t affected. If you are driving a friends or family members car while you are learning, you could jeopardise their no claims bonus if you are added to their insurance policy.

Temporary learner insurance is an entirely standalone policy in your own name, so even if an accident should happen, their policy won’t be affected.

5.      Flexible Policies

As a learner, the chances are you won’t know exactly how long you will need your car insurance for. Temporary learner insurance policies are often flexible, and you can choose to have them for a fixed amount of time, such as six months, while you complete your lessons and pass your test. This means you only have to pay for the cover you really need while you learn.

Some learner policies also give you the option to transfer your policy into a new driver policy after you pass. Just ask the MyFirst team for more information.

6.      Specialist Insurance Cover

Not all insurance companies will accept learner drivers onto their policies, so finding an insurance policy as a learner can be a struggle. When you choose a specialist temporary learner insurance provider, you are guaranteed to be accepted and know you will be fully covered while you learn.

If you want to get more practice in before your driving test, get in touch with MyFirst for your free insurance quote.

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