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Drivers With 3-9 Points: How To Get Insurance

Many drivers often have moments on the road where they make mistakes and getting a driving penalty for any reason is something that all drivers dread. A driving offence can not only land you with a hefty fine, but you could also end up with penalty points on your licence.

When you get these penalty points, they can affect various areas of your life, including your car insurance premiums. Drivers with 3-9 points can expect their car insurance to rise, and the points could also affect your credit rating, your job and other insurance premiums such as life insurance.

It is common sense that driving offences should always be avoided and that it is vital to drive with the utmost care at all times. However, driving offences do happen every day, and there are plenty of drivers with 3-9 points out there, struggling to get a fair price for their insurance. Our experts have shared their advice and answered common questions on how drivers with 3-9 points can get coverage without paying over the odds.

What Are Penalty Points And How Do They Work?

In the UK, the penalty points system came into play in 1988 and was designed to help reduce the number of drivers committing repeat offences. It helps the courts to punish drivers who have previously committed a driving offence, and in turn, keeps the roads safer. For most road users, it deters reckless driving and encourages drivers to follow the Highway Code.

The police issue penalty points, and the number of points you receive will depend on the severity of your driving offence. You can get up to 12 points on your licence within a three year period, and if you exceed this, you will be disqualified from driving. Drivers with 3-9 points will have committed one or more driving offence but are still allowed on the roads. These penalty points can be a result of various driving offences, such as speeding, using a mobile phone while driving, or driving over the legal alcohol limit.

What Are Penalty Codes And Why Do They Matter?

Drivers with 3-9 points will have been given a penalty code depending on the driving offences committed. Many individuals with penalty points are not aware of the various penalty codes and how they can each impact insurance premiums differently. Every single driving offence has its own code and the most popular include:

SP50: Exceeding the speed limit on a motorway

SP30: Exceeding the speed limit on a public road

DR10: Driving or attempting to drive when over the legal alcohol limit

CU80: Using a mobile phone or handheld device while driving

TS10: Failing to comply with traffic light signals

IN10: Operating a vehicle without insurance.

It is vital that drivers with 3-9 points know what driving convictions they have and the subsequent codes that go with them. These different codes will each affect your insurance differently, and every insurance provider will have their own way of assessing these codes. DR10 convictions for driving over the legal alcohol limit are often considered more serious by insurers than other driving offences. Drivers with 3-9 points for drink driving will usually find it more difficult to get insurance than drivers with 3-9 points for other offences.

How Can Drivers With 3-9 Points Get Insurance?

Any driver with points on their licence will see their insurance premiums increase as a result of their driving offence. Some insurance providers may even refuse to insure drivers with 3-9 points for more serious offences, which is why knowing your conviction code is so important.

If you are already in an insurance contract, your provider may decide to immediately increase your premiums when you receive penalty points, while others may wait until your policy is due for renewal. Different insurance providers will have different policies on insuring drivers with 3-9 points, and some providers will specialise in insuring those with penalty points.

If you commit a speeding driving offence, then instead of penalty points, you may be offered the opportunity to attend a speed awareness course. This is a popular choice as it avoids further points on your licence. However, it is important to bear in mind that some insurance companies may still increase your premiums for attending the course. Even if you pass a speed awareness course, you must still let your insurance company know that you have broken the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Do you have to tell your insurer?

Some drivers with 3-9 points may think they can keep their insurance premiums low by not informing their insurance company of their penalty points. It is a requirement by law to notify your car insurance company immediately after receiving penalty points on your licence.

The Road Traffic Act 1988 states that it is a criminal offence to withhold information from any prospective or current car insurance providers. Choosing not to tell your insurance company about penalty points is not only illegal but can also result in your insurance being invalidated. If this is the case, you would be breaking the law by driving without insurance, which could result in a further driving offence and penalty points.

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Can Drivers With 3-9 Points Still Get A Good Deal On Insurance?

Having penalty points on your licence will have an impact on your insurance premiums, but that doesn’t always mean you can’t still find a good deal. At MyFirst, we specialise in insuring convicted drivers and keeping their insurance premiums reasonable. We can offer you cheaper car insurance, even if you have been declined insurance by other providers.

Our friendly team can save you time by searching around to find you the very best deal, and our specialist advisors have expert knowledge on convicted driver insurance. Our convicted driver insurance takes into account your specific circumstances and your conviction to find you a more affordable insurance policy. We use various other factors to help keep your premiums down, such as dash cams, increased excesses and driver rehabilitation courses.

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