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Everything You Need to Know When Looking For Cheap Learner Insurance

 So, you are learning how to drive and you really need to get your hands on cheap learner driver insurance. Learning how to drive is fun but stressful and the last thing you want to be having to think about and do is look for affordable cover. Luckily, you don’t have to as we are here to help you secure the best possible learners insurance for the best possible price. We are also going to help you as much as possible by providing you with everything you need to know before taking out insurance. 

Finding affordable car insurance when under the age of 20 can be a nightmare. The younger you are the bigger risk insurance providers see you. This is generally because you have no experience on the road and you are seen to take bigger risks than older and more experienced drivers might. There is no getting away from the fact you will pay higher premiums than someone will over the age of 25. However, there are some things you can take into account to help keep quotes down and to ensure you obtain the best cheap learner driver insurance for your specific needs. 

Which type of car insurance do you need? 

Ensuring you have the correct type of car insurance is essential to learn how to drive legally on the road and it will also go towards determining the quote. 

Finding the perfect level of car insurance when learning how to drive is not easy. If you don’t have adequate cover you could find yourself on the bad side of the law and in a financial mess in the event you cause a collision. On the other hand, you don’t want to pay out for insurance that you don’t need or which doesn’t provide adequate protection, so there is certainly a great deal to consider when looking for a policy. 

You probably already know there are three types of traditional car insurance. These are: 

  • • Fully comprehensive – provides protection for your own/family/friends vehicle in the event of an accident and more. It goes without saying that this is the most costly insurance as it covers just about everything you could want; 
  • • Third-party fire and theft – this provides protection for the third party in the event you cause a collision but does not cover your own vehicle or that of a member of the family or friend. It does, however, cover damage or loss from fire and theft for your vehicle; 
  • • Third-party only – this is the least amount of car insurance required to drive legally on the road but only covers the third party. This is the cheapest type of insurance that you can have to drive legally on the road, but it does not provide protection for your vehicle or that of family or friends if you are learning in their vehicle. 

When considering learner insurance there are special types to take into account aimed specifically with learner drivers in mind. 

Hybrid learner driver insurance or short-term 

Hybrid car insurance is a specific type of insurance policy for learner drivers. This is one of the most popular types of cover we sell to learners. One of the best things 

about the policy is that the quote you are given is what you pay despite the fact that the policy covers you whilst learning and once you have passed your test. There is no need to switch to a separate policy as we do that on your behalf once you have informed us. 

Short-term car insurance for learner drivers is not as clear cut as a hybrid policy. This type of insurance covers a period of anything from just a few weeks to a few months or longer. The downside to it is once you pass your test the policy ends and you then have to look for and pay out for another car insurance policy. 

Learn in your own car or your parent’s 

You might take extra lessons in your parent’s car or you could decide to buy your own vehicle. 

If you do decide to buy your own car to learn to drive in, with someone who holds a full driving license sat at the side of you, there are some things to consider. 

Firstly, you might want to give us a call and tell us about the make and model of car you are considering buying. We suggest this as different makes and models fall under different insurance categories. You don’t want to purchase a car only to get an insurance quote for it and get a huge shock when you find how much it costs to insure. 

Allow us to find cheap learner driver insurance for you 

Here at My First UK, we specialise in finding young drivers the best possible deals when looking for cheap learner insurance. 

We understand how difficult it can be at just 17-years old to get behind the wheel without it costing a small fortune. You have enough to worry about when learning without the additional worry of how you will be able to afford insurance. 

Put your insurance in our hands and we will find you the most competitive deal based on your individual requirements and you can concentrate on your lessons and passing. 

Why is learner insurance different from regular insurance? 

Learner driver insurance is a product that is designed specifically for people who are learning how to drive and who hold a provisional licence. A policy is designed to meet the requirements of younger drivers specifically. 

A learner’s policy will provide all the cover required for you to drive legally on the road when learning while you are driving someone else’s vehicle, or even your own. Generally, anyone can sit at the side of you while you learn providing they hold a full driving license and are over the age of 25-years. 

Why consider a hybrid car insurance policy 

We understand how costly learner car insurance can be, more so if you pay upfront for short-term learner’s insurance for a full year and then go onto pass your test within months. 

This is because the short-term learner’s policy is no good once you have passed the test, as such it might mean you have paid out for many months of cover that you now cannot use. With this type of insurance once you have passed you will need a different type of cover. 

With this in mind, you might want to consider a hybrid policy. This provides you with the best of both worlds, the correct level of insurance while you are learning and it then continues after you pass. 

With the hybrid learner’s insurance policy, you will know upfront how much you will pay for cover. The policy provides protection whilst you are learning to drive and once you have passed your test a simple phone call will get your policy changed, without it costing you anything else. Therefore, the quote you are given at the time of purchase is what you pay. 

By taking out hybrid learners insurance, you can start building up that valuable no claims bonus from the start. No claims bonus is a bonus given to drivers who do not make a claim on their insurance in the year previous and leads to big savings on insurance quotes. The longer you go without making a claim the bigger the discount and with hybrid insurance, this starts from the time of taking out cover. 

Do I need to pay for learners insurance? 

Whether you will need to take out learners driving insurance will depend on your circumstances. 

If you are solely taking driving lessons with a professional driving instructor you will probably be covered for driving while taking lessons with the school or instructor. However, always check this to be on the safe side. 

If you are having lessons with a member of the family or a friend you can cut down on the number of lessons you need to pay out for but you will have to pay for learners insurance to cover you whilst practising. Bear in mind that car insurance is a legal requirement. Drive without it and you can be fined and gain points on your driving license before you even pass your test. 

The number of lessons and practice you need to take before going for your driving test will vary. However, the DVSA have given a rough guide. 

It states that learners require about 45 hours of tuition with a professional instructor along with around 22 hours of practice with friends or family before they are ready for taking the test. 

Practising makes perfect of course and the more you practice the more experience you have. 

Benefits of driving insurance for learners 

As it is a specialist type of car insurance aimed at those taking lessons, a policy provides cover for everything typical car insurance does and more. 

The benefits of the policy include: 

  • • It allows you to practice outside of your lessons saving you money while gaining experience on the road; 
  • • The policy generally includes accident protection, theft of the vehicle and may cover belongings; 
  • • A policy may allow you to start building up no-claims bonus and protects that of other drivers should you be involved in an accident; 
  • • With hybrid insurance you know exactly how much the insurance policy costs and the policy is switched over once you have passed your test, which means you don’t have to worry about looking for and paying for a different policy. 

Things to consider when looking for cheap learner driver insurance 

Here are some things you need to consider when looking to take out insurance when learning how to drive. 

  • • Fully comprehensive car insurance provides the most protection whether you are learning how to drive in your own vehicle or parents/friends; 
  • • Short-term learner car insurance can be taken out for anything from 28 days up to 12 months but if you pass during this time the policy is cancelled and you have to take out a different policy; 
  • • Check that the policy you take out includes protection for your parents or friends car if you are taking additional driving lessons in their car with them sat by your side; 
  • • Allow us, specialists in learners and new drivers insurance to find the most affordable policy based on your specific requirements; 
  • • Check quotes for paying monthly, instead of annually, for your insurance if you are on a tight budget; 
  • • Bear in mind that while you will want to get the most affordable insurance when learning to drive you do need insurance that specifically covers you as a learner driver. It is no good jumping on the cheapest quote only to find it is inadequate. So, when checking the price also read what is included in the policy. 

How to obtain a quote for learner driver insurance 

Obtaining a quote online for your learner driver insurance is extremely easy. 

All you have to do is use our online form. Simply provide us with your personal details, answer a few basic questions, tell us about your vehicle and any additional drivers and we find you the best deals. 

We not only help you to find cheap learner driver insurance but also a policy that suits your specific requirements. There are different types of insurance suitable for when you are learning how to drive, including the short term and the hybrid policy. 

The short term policy can work out more expensive as once you pass your test you will not be covered and you will have to purchase a separate policy. It also does not allow you to build up your no claims bonus. 

The hybrid on the other hand allows you to build up your no claims bonus, plus it provides protection while you are learning to drive and then continues once you have passed your test, giving you the best of both. You also know upfront how much the insurance is going to cost and it is the only policy you will need, as we will automatically change it over for you once you pass your test, at no extra charge. 

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