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Good first cars

Finding a good first car is easy

So you’ve passed your test and are ready to hit the road with your own motor? You might be dreaming of something sleek and spacious, maybe with a soft top and a 2.0 litre engine – but the reality of the cost of first cars will probably bring you down to earth. Purchase price is just the start – then you have the expense of servicing and repairs, fuel, tax and insurance.

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The reality is that for several reasons – mostly to do with cost – your first car is likely to be small and humble. All the models we’ve picked here are ideal first cars, and are some of the cheapest to insure. But every new driver has slightly different preferences when choosing a first car – so we’ve picked five of our favourites according to priority.


When it comes to purchase price, the Dacia Sandero hatchback (£5,995 – £9,795), can’t be beaten. OK, it’s not the coolest-looking car – and it’s short of features that you might be forgiven for thinking standard, like a radio and central locking. But its price, especially if you bought a second-hand model, is very attractive indeed. Just be aware that its crash safety rating (according to the Euro NCAP crash-safety experts) is the lowest of our selection.

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At the other end of the spectrum, the Skoda Citigo hatchback (£8,275 – £11,120) is
one of the few cars in our selection to be awarded the maximum five stars by the Euro NCAP crash-safety experts. Skoda used to be almost a joke brand – but since they were bought by Volkswagon, they’ve managed to incorporate the best of VW cool while keeping the lower price tag.


If it’s cool you’re looking for, you don’t need to look much further than the Mini hatchback (£14,075 – £21,400). It’s not the cheapest or most practical first car for a young driver. But let’s face it, it oozes style – and has decent running costs, returning up to 60mpg and costing just £20 a year to tax. The insurance costs might put you off, on the other hand, with the lowest insurance group for a Mini being 11 (of 50).

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What if you play sports, travel a lot – or have to transport merchandise for work? Most of the cars we’ve chosen as best for young drivers are small verging on tiny. Good for turning and parking – but less impressive on the motorway, or when packing a cello! The Hyundai i20 (£10,995 – £17,700) is the exception, with a big boot and generally very roomy feel. Just be aware that it’s not a brilliant performer – and there’s only one model (the 1.1 CRDi 75PS S Blue 5dr) that qualifies for zero tax.

Running costs

After the expense of buying a car, it’s nice to know you’re keeping running costs to a minimum while being a good friend to the environment. The Hyundai i10 hatchback (£8,995 – £13,045) is a great choice in this regard. The 1.0 litre version returns 65.7mpg and is free to tax. Another important factor is that the cheapest model – the S 1.0 Manual 66PS 5dr – sits in insurance group 1, meaning that insurance (while always high for young drivers), won’t break the bank.

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