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How To Find Cheap Van Insurance

van insurance

If you own a van, then it is a legal requirement to obtain van insurance for your vehicle. There are no two ways about it. Van insurance differs significantly from car insurance. For a start, the risks between driving a car and a van are different. What’s more, vans are often likely to be used for a business purpose which means it requires a different type of insurance.

If you’re looking for a way to get cheap van insurance, then read this handy guide on what you can do to get the best deal for van insurance.

Factors affecting the cost of van insurance

  1. The type of vehicle

No two vans are the same, and the make and model of your van (as well as its size and load capacity) will affect the price of the insurance. If you are buying a new van, it is worth comparing the insurance costs for different makes and models so that you can get the best deal. While one type of van may be cheaper to buy, the cost of insurance may be high which could mean it is more expensive in the long run compared to a more expensive van with cheaper insurance.

  • Location

Insurance providers will ask you where the van is kept overnight. A driveway or garage is usually considered safer than on-street parking which may lower your insurance. However, many scratches and scrapes take place in a garage or carpark which can increase the level of risk and actually increase your premiums even though they are deemed ‘safe’ locations.

  • Mileage

Typically, the more miles you do, the higher your insurance premiums will be. This is because more time spent on the roads means a higher chance of accidents as well as more wear and tear for the van itself. By lowering your mileage, you may get a better deal for your insurance, although this is often difficult for van drivers who cover a lot of miles. Do not lie about your mileage as it could invalidate your policy in the event of a claim.

  • The driver

If you have convictions, then your premiums are likely to rise. Your insurer will also base your premiums on your age, gender and how long you have been driving. Some insurers will also take into account the number of years you’ve held a no-claims bonus for.

  • Business use

Many van drivers will use their vehicle for work purposes. When requesting an insurance quote, you will be asked if you drive the van for business or personal use, there is also an option to select both. Insurance can then cover personal possessions, work equipment and haulage if you use your van to make deliveries. All of these uses will impact your insurance, so only select the options that you actually need and that suit your requirements, you do not have to have all cover options.

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How To Find Cheap Van Insurance

  1. Don’t auto-renew

Many insurers will increase the price of their insurance every year and then automatically renew the insurance to save the individual time. While auto-renewal can save time, it usually means drivers miss out on the best deals. Instead, call MyFirst who will shop around to get the best deal for you. Saving you both time and money!

  • Pay annually

If you are in the financial position to pay for your insurance annually, it can make your insurance cheaper. Often, insurers will give you a discount if you pay annually, they may even give you one month of insurance for free. Paying monthly usually costs more due to the additional processing and administrations for the insurance provider.

  • Up your security

One of the best ways to get cheap van insurance is to ensure your van has a decent level of security. Where possible, look for vans with security features or add them where possible. GPS tracking can be incredibly beneficial if your van gets stolen. Having an alarm system can also help, while many manufacturers include an alarm and immobiliser as standard, it may be worth upgrading your security systems for cheaper van insurance and greater peace of mind too.

  • Understand the add-ons

Many insurers will have a van insurance package which will include a number of add-ons. For some drivers, these add-ons will be useful. However, for some drivers, they could be redundant features. For example, an add-on may protect your cargo or cover your work tools. If you don’t use your van as a tradesperson or don’t use your van for haulage, then this could increase your premium without giving you any benefits.

Instead, check carefully what is included in your premium and only include the add-ons that you’ll actually benefit from.

  • Choose a dash cam policy

Having a dash cam insurance policy such as MyVan means you receive a free dash cam as part of your premiums as well as potentially lowering your premiums by up to 25%. MyVan dash cam insurance comes with a free Next Base Dash Cam as well as free collection and installation at Halfords. The device will then be there in the event of an accident as well as providing proof if any false claims were made against you.

If you want to save up to 25% on your van insurance policy, start your quote with MyFirst today.

  • Remember cheaper isn’t always better

Sometimes it is well worth spending a little bit more on your van insurance so that it can adequately protect you in the event of a claim. It may seem like a good idea to increase your voluntary excess. This will be the amount you pay towards a claim. However, you need to make sure you can afford the excess otherwise the garage may not give you your van back. Always choose a voluntary excess amount that you know you can afford.

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