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Learner Driver Insurance In Own Car

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For all learner drivers embarking on driving for the first time, the goal is to get behind the wheel without those L plates and to swap the green driving licence for the pink one. So what is the best way to speed up learning to drive? Getting as much experience behind the wheel as possible. This is where learner driver insurance in own car can be really beneficial. So just what is learner driver insurance in own car and is it worth it?

Maximising your driving experience

Learning to drive is sadly not cheap. Lessons are expensive. Instructors not only have to factor in their time and expertise into their prices but also fuel, insurance, the vehicle and its maintenance too. However, all driving instructors will say, the more driving experience you have, the more confident you will become and the quicker you can pass your test. So, how do you get this experience when lessons are so expensive?

The best way to maximise your driving experience is to get out on the roads for additional practice with a responsible adult.

In fact, the Driving Standards Agency recommends at least 45 hours of driving lessons with an additional 22 hours of practice. That said, every learner is different. Some learner drivers will need more practice and more lessons, and some will need less. The important thing is not to rush to your test but gain the experience the wheel, so you not only pass your test but so you become a confident and safe driver.

How to maximise your driving experience as a learner driver

There are several ways you can increase your experience as a learner driver;

Get more lessons

The first is to book more lessons with your driving instructor. However, as we said earlier, this can be expensive. What’s more, if your instructor is popular, then it may be difficult to squeeze in more lessons around both of your schedules.

Practise in a friend or family member’s car

The second is to ask your parents or a responsible adult if they will let you practice in their vehicle with them accompanying you in the passenger seat. If you want to practice driving with family and friends, then there are some requirements to consider;

The person you practise with must be;

  • Over 21 years old
  • Must currently hold a full driving license and must have had their full driving license for more than three years
  • They must also be fully qualified to drive in the vehicle you want to learn in. For example, if you are driving in a manual vehicle, they must have a license for manual vehicles.

It is vital to have the correct supervision when you are practising driving. If you are caught without having the right supervision, then you can personally receive a fine of up to £1,000, and you may earn up to eight penalty points on your licence too. You can also be banned from driving.

It is important to note that the supervisor does not have to own the vehicle you practise in. For example, your mum could supervise your driving practice in your dad’s car. However, there must be the right insurance in place before you head out on the road.

The problem with driving in your supervisor’s car is that their vehicle may not be appropriate for you to drive. For example, if your friends or family have very expensive or rare vehicles, they may not feel comfortable with a learner behind the wheel. Furthermore, it may be very expensive for them to add you onto their insurance for their specific car.

Other issues could be that the vehicle just isn’t very suitable for learner drivers. For example, if there is a big difference between your driving instructor’s car and your supervisor’s vehicle, then you may find that you spend most of your practice time struggling to adapt to a new vehicle and not gaining the experience on the roads that you need.

Practise in your own car

The third option to gain as much experience as possible in a car you feel comfortable in is to have your own car and conduct your driving practise in this. While buying your own vehicle is quite an investment, it enables you to get used to and comfortable in the vehicle before you pass your test. As soon as you do pass your test, you’ll feel confident behind the wheel of a car you already know well.

Remember, if you choose to practise in your own car, you’ll still need a supervisor with you to accompany you out on the roads.

If you choose to purchase your own car while your learning to drive and want to practise in it, then you’ll need learner driver insurance in your own car.

What is learner driver insurance in your own car?

As a learner driver, you are still out on the roads, and you could still have accidents with other motorists or suffer issues with the car. When you have professional driving lessons, your driving instructor has insurance in place to cover these risks. However, when you are practising with friends or family, then you need additional insurance in place. This is a legal obligation.

There are typically two options for insuring yourself when you are a learner driver. The first is to be added to someone else’s insurance. Depending on the vehicle they have, this can be very expensive, and, in some cases, insurers may refuse to add you as a learner driver.

The other option is to have learner driver insurance in your own car. This is insurance you can have when you have a provisional license. With this insurance, you can rack up time behind the wheel to gain experience driving so that you can pass your test quickly and gain confidence on the road before you qualify.

What’s more, with learner driver insurance in your own car, you have the set of wheels you want from the very beginning, This can feel like a much more comfortable transition between learner to a newly qualified driver when you are using the same car.

What you need to know about learner driver insurance in your own car

Insurance is a legal requirement

If you have a roadworthy vehicle then it is a legal requirement to have insurance in place. It is a requirement whether you are a learner driver or a qualified driver. However, you need to make sure you have the right insurance in place to cover your needs. Standard car insurance is not enough for learner drivers.

There are lots of different insurance options available

As a learner driver, there are many different types of insurance you can opt for. You may choose an annual policy or perhaps a short-term policy if your driving test is imminent.

We think one of the best choices for learner driver insurance in your own car is hybrid insurance. Hybrid insurance covers you while you’re a learner, and when you pass your test too. This means you don’t have to pay twice for two different insurance policies.  Instead of purchase learner driver insurance and newly qualified driver insurance, you receive both in an affordable hybrid package. Simple!

Choose your car wisely

Yes, you want to own a car to be proud of. However, there is no point owning a souped-up or expensive car if you can’t afford the insurance to drive it. If you’re looking for learner driver insurance in your own car, then the cheapest insurance options will be ones in the Group One category of vehicles that are cheapest to insure. These could be vehicles such as the Volkswagen Polo or Up, Hyundai i10, Toyota Yaris or Vauxhall Corsa.

Avoid cars with big engines or modifications. They’ll hike your insurance prices up.

Consider your payment system

For learner driver insurance in your own car, the cheapest deal for insurance will be paying annually. However, that isn’t always easy for young drivers and learner drivers with all of the other costs to factor in too. However, at MyFirst, we offer a range of finance schemes with super-affordable deposits so you can have the right insurance in place for your own car as a learner driver.

If you want to pay monthly with an affordable payment structure, get in touch with MyFirst to receive your quote and bespoke payment plan.

Are you looking for learner driver insurance in your own car?

If you already have your own set of wheels and looking for insurance so you can get out on the road, then speak to our friendly experts at MyFirst. We’re specialists in hunting for the best deals for learner driver insurance so talk to us on the phone or through live chat so we can find you the best deal.

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